Social Media Campaign- Job U Seek Portal


The JobUseek Recruitment Portal was established at the start of 2020, which coincided with the Covid-19 pandemic, causing international & global economic tensions. This is a challenge for SMEs in Singapore, as Covid-19 has negatively impacted their businesses & their recruitment process. Along with the rise o fun employment, this has caused an oversupply of job-seekers.


Brand awareness is one of the considerations when jobseekers choose recruitment portals. As a new brand with budget constraints, JobUseek do face a major challenge in marketing its brand.


Considering the budget, JobUseek avoided traditional advertising channels and explored other opportunities instead. Based on the current Covid-19 situation, we’ve found a selling point that is a topical yet closely related to the services provided by JobUseek.

The recruitment & unemployment rate has been the main issues that Singaporeans faced during theCovid-19 pandemic. This has been a highly discussed topic by competing parties during the Singapore General Elections campaigns in July 2020. As a result, this caused a heated discussion among the Singaporeans, making it easier to resonate with the target group.

To provide assistance to business owners & job-seekers, JobUseek has established an employment consultant platform through social media platforms (e.g. Facebook). Three different videos were also posted to highlight the perspective of employees, employers and the government. This also reflects the lack of employment opportunities and the difficult circumstances that SMEs face during this period. From there, we will introduce JobUseek’s important role in this situation and showcase the company’s sense of corporate social responsibility(CSR).

The announcement of the election results was trending in Singapore back then. To maximise marketing efforts, we leveraged on the election trend and produce congratulatory videos of winning political parties. This was shared on social media as soon as possible when the results were announced in the evening.