In 2002, I was invited by Jimmy Lam (Executive Creative Director for Asia Pacific Region) to join D’Arcy Advertising as the executive creative director of Southern China.​

Soon after taking office, I learned that Jimmy will be attending a Board of Directors meeting in the U.S to discuss the development plan for the Asia-Pacific region.

Jimmy told me that his biggest challenge for this trip is obtaining budget approval from the Board to build up a competitive edge for D’Arcy in the Asia-Pacific region by attracting high caliber talents.​

Facing with this challenge, I proposed to Jimmy an idea that will entice the Board’s attention for the budget approval.​

On the day of the meeting, Jimmy’s started the speech with a bold statement , “I would like to announce the good news!” He presented a 200-page thick book with the cover <<The world-class, metal detector triggering, suicide-inducing and envy-inspiring works produced by D’Arcy Asia-Pacific over the past 12 months>> to the board members. ​

Like a stone dropped in a still pond, the conference room was ripple with uproars of excitement and everybody eagerly flipping through the book.​

Interestingly, the excitement disappeared quicker than it’s appearance, with silence engulfing the conference room. That was because everyone who opened up the book to only see 200 blank pages!  And at the very last page of the compilation, there is only a paragraph “There is a subtle difference between good work and great work. D’Arcy has been producing plenty of former but not impressive work. With over 200 highly talented and highly paid creative people working in 16 offices across 13 countries, D’Arcy Asia-Pacific should be producing great work. But we’re not.”​

After Jimmy returned back from the U.S head office, money was no longer an issue.