Brand rejuvenation - bolon eyewear


As a Chinese fashioneyewear brand, Balon focuses on their development in the 2nd ,3rdand 4th tier cities. While Balon has achieved a significant marketshare after decades of rapid development, the increase in foreign &domestic brands has built a tough competition. The evolution of the internetalso raised consumers’ living standards & product expectations. As such,Balon plans to create a halo effect on its brand image & value by enteringthe 1st tier market.


Balon hasconsistently focused its branding on surface-value fashion trends, whichlimited its ability to connect with the new generation of consumers on a deeperlevel. To cater to the younger audience, Balon will need a build a richer branddimension to support its higher brand value.The main challengeBalon will face, is to cater to the psychological demands of the youngergeneration in the adolescence phase, while incorporating positivereinforcements & guidance to avoid misleading them.


There is a strong demand for self-expression shown in the younger generation. However, many youths do not have the luxury to do so in this modern society, due to competitive pressure in life that sprouted from China’s rapid growth. Youths, as future leaders, are expected to perform well& live up to work & family expectations. In addition to cultural, traditional & social constraints, the stress eventually made them anxious& evasive.  The mental conflict has developed a strongly rebellious personality. 

The younger generation yearns to shape a distinctive & authentic personality, to look at the unconventional world with an unconventional personality. They hope to become more confident & courageous to strive for their life goals.


Brand Proposition – Face All. PropositionLevel:  To develop a fearless mindset to face challenges head-on,with confidence & poise, instead of giving up. Product Level: “Face All” suggests that wearing Balonspectacles gives you a clearer vision in life. 

Communication Concept

The solution will be integrated from different angles of familiar life topics, such as work &relationships. This will arouse more interest through the life proposition “Face All”, and reflect the never-say-die spirit of the younger generation to pursue their goals & over come challenges with a calm & relieved attitude. The younger generation has been conditioned to suppress themselves from young & have developed dislike against strict teaching styles. Through “Face All”, we highlight self-confidence & positivity with a sense of humor, in order to fulfil the rebellious mentality & desire for self-expression.