Creative Use Of Media - Chunlan Home Appliances


The home appliance industry is particular competitive as compared to other industries, due to this intense & wide market range of product category, features & price. Apart from the advanced price advantages, market segmentation has become a winning factor. Hence, in addition to focusing on air conditioners, Chunlan Home Appliances has also begun to identify the various needs of market segments. China’s rapid economic growth has also raised the real estate prices. To make housing more affordable, the size of each house unit has also become smaller, and the demand for mini washing machine has increased. On the other hand, we also see business prospects in crowded university dormitories in China. Therefore, Chunlan has invented a pocket-sized washing machine to meet this demand.


Based on the life experiences of the target consumer groups, Chunlan has chosen train cabin as a marketing medium. Specifically for Shanghai, they have selected Mingzhu Metro Line 1 – one of the train routes with the largest city traffic. However, the advertising area for train cabins is already relatively small. Along with the overwhelming passenger flow, Chunlan do face a challenge in making their advertisement stand out from the mentioned limitations.


Firstly, the advertisement itself should have ample of unique selling points to attract passengers’ attention. Billboards advertising generally contains strict &authorized information, such as smoking/drinking/eating prohibition in the train carriage. Therefore, we decided to use billboard as the advertisement structure and integrate the products’ selling points deliberately. This will make the usual & stereotypical rules & regulations look distinctive & absurd at the same time. Through this comparison, we can effectively communicate the products’ selling points, for instance, the space-saving feature of the pocket-sized washing machine.