Crossover Marketing -  Pepsi


Over the last two years, Pepsi has continued to elevate the Passion level of the next generation, and celebrate their love. Pepsi will bring this love to the next level and let the world See the love of China next generation.
2020 – The first year of ‘ Gen – Z love Era’
To Gen – Z, finding and sticking to their love was never a difficult matter – what they are lacking of craving are the ‘stage’ to show their love.

Brand role

Pepsi will provide the ‘stage’ and courage the young generation needs, to let them unleash their passion without passion it without limits, and to be seen of the center of the attention.
‘See How Much I Love It’ will be the campaign theme under the brand ‘ For The Love Of It’.
2017 Beyond beverage
Pioneer – Elevated UTC promotion to aspirational brand loyalty campaign
2018 Originality
Build Pepsi concept store to a long-term brand equity platform
2019 Creativity of China
Co-created epic contents with local historical brands/designers
2020 Pepsi & Culture


How to crate disruptive content with killer insights to build epic brand campaign under annual big idea ?
How to evolved UTC program to Pepsi concept store to drive brand love and frequency ?
How to Integrated Pepsi concept store UTC mechanism to drive peak season volume ?


Elevate UTC program to aspirational loyalty program, unlocking the power beyond bottle.
- Limited edition can
- Crossover
- Licensing
The Z generation is moving toward modernization rather to westernization, with the rise of China power in the past two decade, national pride and confidence level has reaches its peak, they no longer just seeking for personal pleasure, their passion for creativity and originality is built upon culture and  purpose which provide them with a strong and distinctive  identity.
With the abundance of China culture and achievement, Shaolin kung Fu and China National Space Administration became the ideal choice for crossover marketing with its originality and strong appeal for the young target audience, both provide wide imagination and creativity for communication and execution.