Innovative Marketing- Echinacea Lozenges cooling mint


Socialisation is an important & necessary part of life for the young consumers – clubbing, karaoke, smoking, dining and drinking. In the traditional Chinese context, the mentioned socialisation factors accumulate “heat”, which can be detrimental to physical health and cause sore throat.


1.      How can we increase brand awareness quickly?
2.     How can we introduce the product USP to the market effectively & uniquely?
3.     How can the above goals be achieved within a limited budget?


Young consumers enjoysocialising, and they are passionate about pursuing & sharing novelties.


1.      Communication Concept
To introduce the selling point of Echinacea throat lozenges, we are combining the concept of fire in both lighters & traditional Chinese medicine. Intriguing & eye-catching graphics are also printed on the lighter. For instance, the face sprinted on it are distributed at the intersection point when these lighters are flipped open. This illustrates people open their mouth and resembles the person’s throat is on fire when the lighter is on, which is also how one would feel when he or she has a sore throat due to “heatiness”.
2.     Information Carrier
According to insights, smoking is one of the social traits of our target consumers. Therefore, selecting lighter as an advertising carrier is not only in line with the product USP, but it also offers practical & retention value for our target consumers. 

3.     Context Marketing
We have selected a few nightlife spots that young consumers prefer to gather at – KTV, night clubs bars and other relevant locations to market the product.