Social Viral Campaign- Warely Technology


Warely Technology specializes in providing point-of-sale (POS) and e-commerce solutions to SMEs. To promote its business, Warely Technology has introduced the Referral Partner Programme to identify potential customers through recommendations from other businesses. This will be done in a partnership approach.

To motivate businesses to be our referral partner, Warely also provides a considerable amount of commission returns for each successful sales referral.


As a new emerging company, Warely do face budget constraints to promote the Referral Partner Programme effectively & quickly.

Market Insight

The Korean drama “Squid Game” has become a popular sensation one in September 2021. The series story depicts the cruelty of capitalistic through deadly children’s games played by a group of vulnerable people. This is very similar to the current situation of SMEs in Singapore – struggling to survive in a profit squeeze.


Based on the market insights mentioned above, Warely adopted a communication strategy which involves both viral & context marketing. We will also leverage on the Squid Game trend to increase viral marketing. The content will be divided in two sections. Firstly, the video campaign will be named “Squeeze Game” to highlight the dilemma that business owners face in a profit squeeze. To make the campaign more relatable to business owners, we create a personified character “Profit Killer” and apply the concept of killing in Squid Game into business context. Secondly the video campaign will emphasize on the attractive rewards that the Referral Partner Programme brings to business owners. The video will tell the story of SMEs suffering from various financial squeezes, and the Referral Partner Programme is the best solution to overcome their challenges.